Art and creation have always been in my veins and, while this website showcases my various creative outlets, it is design which has been my official profession for over 10 years.

I have created illustrations, designed mascots and characters, complete web sites, Flash animations, logo designs, brochures and posters, Flash games, and other items for clients all over the world. Each new client introduced me to their realm which, even if completely new to me at the beginning, would become remarkably familiar towards the end of the project.
This variety and diversity of people, cultures, types of businesses, and the challenge to each time create just the right thing for the particular need, or find the design style that perfectly represents the client is what has always made web design so appealing to me.

Web Design Ltd.

PepFX logoSeven years of my professional career, from May 2000 until October 2007, were spent as the creative director, part-owner and founder of an international design and development company. The company has thrived and flourished beautifully during this time. We started with a load of enthusiasm, but zero clients, and an empty portfolio. We built our reputation website by website, and animation by animation, nurtured and nourished it to become a globally known and respected design firm. I have always loved the job, and had a lot of fun in these years.

The decision to close the company was due to a want of a better ‘quality of life’, so the idea of freelance became synonymous with the idea of freedom.

Commercial Projects

Now, in 2014, I am for the first time in years again considering commercial projects and painting commissions. My skill-set has only increased in the last years so, if you have an interesting project and are looking for a creative artist, contact me.

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