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Sabina Nore, working on a painting-in-progress

Let’s Not Flatter Ourselves

Have you ever wondered what I look like when I haven’t slept much, and I just woke up?

Conflux – The Finished Painting & Details


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Drawing by Sabina Nore

What Does This Mean?

Two drawings, some background music, and a book recommendation.

Surreal Beans


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Rorschach Test

Art as a Rorschach Test

Art doesn’t change. Whether a painting, or a book, a movie, or even a piece of music, once created, it is finished, and yet, that is when its journey begins.

If You Prefer Spirals


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Painting detail


As ancient as it is, the mentioned project and its results are still not outdated, so it is an eternally important reminder.

Good Intentions – Not Just a Sketch