Fury Rising

Fury Rising by Sabina Nore

Fury Rising is the second painting from the Furies trilogy by Sabina Nore. The Fury, previously shut up and shut off rises to remove some of the most powerful sources of mass-delusion. Those that affect almost every adult man or woman today, either directly or indirectly. Those that attack when the pray is young and teach and stand for all the wrong things. Those that pour billions into brainwashing. They misrepresent and depreciate the female body, they spread disinformation about love and sexuality, and generally spread hogwash in regards to what is supposed to matter in life.

✦ Furies Trilogy paintings: ♀ The Divine FuryFury RisingFuryless, The Golden Middle
For more information about all three Fury paintings, see the Sabinian Furies video.

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