Let’s Not Flatter Ourselves

In trying to paint myself realistically, not flatter myself, and all that, I evidently keep messing up, much to the annoyance of my son.

In my last painting, for instance, Traveling Secrets, I painted myself looking a bit older than I actually look. This is more evident when you see a closeup of the face.
Not a big deal, I don’t really have a problem with age/aging, I kind of see it like this:

Aging = Leveling up
I don’t know the original source of this quote. It has been claimed by so many, that it can almost be considered a “folk wisdom”. 🙂


I am currently working on an acrylic painting.
Sabina Nore, working on a painting-in-progress

One of the things depicted in this painting is a woman, who is supposed to look like me.
At the beginning she was meant to kind of look like me (without much emphasis on the likeness). However, over time, I grew more convinced of that decision. From time to time, my son looks at the painting in progress and, when he does, he serves as a sort of reality check, for various details.

Today, he got quite annoyed with me because of the changes I made to the face in the painting.

– How does it look?

– It looked better before.

– Ok… but does she look like me now?

– She looks Asian.

– Well, I have been told by various people that I look a bit Asian, but does she look like me?

– Yes. She looks the way you look when you haven’t slept much, and you just woke up.

I had to laugh. Not many people could make that sort of comparison, so this seemed like a priceless peek behind the scenes, or “behind the curtain“.

I explained to him that, later, when I start with color, it will become smoother, and she will look healthier overall.
That explanation seemed to have a soothing effect.

Now, you are probably wondering how I look when I haven’t slept much, and I just woke up…

This is how:
Painting detail
Badass. 😎

Addendum: A bit later, that same day (yesterday), she looked alright:

Painting detail, a bit later

Almost as if she has splashed her face with water a few times, and had a coffee.

Addendum II: The Neverending Story
This is what it looks like today:
Painting detail update

By the way, the portrait in the painting was done without any reference whatsoever. That was probably not smart. At the time, I thought it was a good idea. Today, I did look at some photos, to see what I did wrong. I made the corrections accordingly. That’s the last detail update you see above.

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