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Fine Arts Modern Surrealism

  • Painting detail from Privileged Lovers by Sabina Nore
  • Painting detail from Venescular Flight by Sabina Nore
  • Painting detail from Assume Pose! by Sabina Nore
  • Painting detail from Serenity by Sabina Nore

It's Surreal

Paintings gallery of surreal artworks, visual poetry, fantastic artworks and all that jazz.

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Gallery selection of original drawings created with simple and eternal tools, pencil and paper.

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Surreal Artworks

"My paintings could probably be categorized into two groups, especially if you are one of those people who like labeling things into neat packages. I have a strong emotional side, sensitive and poetic, with all the adorning side-effects, which enables me to lift paintings up to what has been referred to as visual poetry or poetic symbolism. The other me is cool and collected, witty and sharp, with a passion for philosophy, psychology and games… That is rather the surrealistic and wacky me, and so are some of my paintings." ~ Sabina Nore

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Sabina Nore