Illustrating the Tarot

Following the Jungian footsteps and archetypes present in all our lives, follow the creation of a brand new and totally unique set of Tarot cards, each painted by Sabina Nore.

The Divine Fury

On permanent exhibit as part of the collection of the Phantastenmuseum (museum of Fantastic Arts) in Vienna, Austria.

Tolstoy be with you

...wherever you go.

Additionally to fine art prints and posters, get 'Tolstoy Sleepwalking in the Clouds' for your phone or tablet!

Immortal Quest

ALSO AVAILABLE as a high quality, satin finish poster
Size in cm: 60 x 80 cm
Size in inches: 23'' x 31''

From Pop Art across Fantasy Art to the depths of Modern Surrealism

“My paintings could probably be categorized into two groups, especially if you are one of those people who like labeling things into neat packages.

I have a strong emotional side, sensitive and poetic, with all the adorning side-effects, which enables me to lift paintings up to what has been referred to as visual poetry or poetic symbolism.

The other me is cool and collected, witty and sharp, with a passion for philosophy, psychology and games… That is rather the surrealistic and wacky me, and so are some of my paintings."

Surrealism & Fantasy Art

Gallery of surreal artworks, a visually depicted inner journey with slightly fantastic and individualistically visionary impulses. A selection of paintings created in 2012 & 2013.

Pop Art & Caricature

Pop art gallery featuring caricatures of various familiar faces, portraits and a few homages to exceptional artists.


Gallery selection of original drawings using nothing but the simplest and eternal tools - pencil and paper.


Snapshots of people, wildlife & nature and other photographic impressions. You will also find the Time Travel adventures in this section.

Live Art Auctions

Log in to your account to bid on a piece of art by Sabina. Visit the art auctions page to see the current selection of artworks.


Evolution is a chronically accurately lined up but captionless selection of photos from a few decades of a life. A photographic sneak peek into a life...