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Fine Arts Modern Surrealism

  • Painting detail from En-trance by Sabina Nore
  • Painting detail from Privileged Lovers by Sabina Nore
  • Painting detail from Conjuring of Dreams by Sabina Nore
  • Painting detail from Serenity by Sabina Nore

It's Surreal

Paintings gallery of surreal artworks, visual poetry, fantastic artworks and all that jazz.

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Gallery selection of original drawings created with simple and eternal tools, pencil and paper.

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Fine Arts (Bam!)

You've got to love the term "fine arts"... Does anyone ever write "welcome to this most excellent website of unsophisticated arts"? Shabby arts? Bad arts? Cheap arts?
Just a few antonyms of the word "fine".

This world is obsessed with labels, with definitions and with boxes, about as much as I am obsessed with questioning all of the above.

There are fine pictures & exquisite words to be discovered here. Art, they call it. I accept that. I try to be tolerant, when possible. It's not a paradox.

"Simplify, simplify, simplify," Thoreau said, so let's. For the sake of simplicity, I choose to accept and forthwith refer to my artworks in simplistic, generally accepted and somewhat understood terms. And so, let it be known that...

...You can buy signed fine art prints of my artworks. You can find original artworks for sale, paintings, as well as drawings, to adorn your walls, elevate the way you feel and inspire you on a regular basis.

Last, but not least... please, do not be shy. If you are interested to know a price, which isn't already listed, or if you want to propose an interview, an exhibition or even a feature, talk to me. It really is simple. Everything is simple.

Sabina Nore