ǝɹou ɐuıqɐs ɟo pןɹoʍ ǝɥʇ

Paintings The Wooden Horse

The Wooden Horse, painting by Sabina Nore
Tags: wooden horse, desert, oasis, goal, target, hero, fool, clown, obelisk

The Wooden Horse

He is awake!
He can see the light!
His goal is in sight!

Drunk with insights and knowledge
from books and sages
the wisdom of ages
The magician charges
Relentlessly enthusiastic
Honestly convinced
merely a matter of time before his loyal horse
takes him to his goal

After all…
it is so close!
He can feel it
He can see it
the path to it so simple
Even a child could make it

Just a matter of time
before his wooden horse takes him there.
Just a matter of time.

© Sabina Nore

The Wooden Horse
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