Do you see all those little spheres, with all the individual accomplishments?

Accomplishments You can probably see a few, if you look for them but, zooming out, looking at it from the grand perspective, even the greatest individual accomplishments don’t stand out so much. They are tiny compared to the big picture. The big picture, that’s the sphere you see right away.
To understand and appreciate this painting, you would have to see it close up, as it is meant to be seen. Then, you would notice a bit more.

Accomplishments, detail

Individually speaking, even the grandest accomplishments of a singular person don’t seem to amount to so much. Not when looking at the GRAND PICTURE. However, another thing you can observe here, when you look closer, is that, wherever there is one grand accomplishment, there are mostly others close by.
That’s inspiration.

We inspire each other, every moment of every day, with everything we do.
Never underestimate the power of an individual.

Even the smallest personal accomplishment will ripple outwards, as well as inwards, and inspire new ideas, new solutions, new accomplishments. Inward, as well as outward.

“Accomplishments”  is the 4th piece from the Adumbrations series.