Beneath the Ivory Tower

Beneath the Ivory Tower
Painting by Sabina Nore

This is one of my larger paintings, it’s 140 x 80 cm.

This was painted on a Cintiq, so it’s digital, but 100% hand-painted, from beginning to end.

I never use filters or any such helpers for any of my artworks. One of these days I will tell you the story that inspired me to switch from traditional painting and drawing to the digital medium or, actually, not so much switch. It was simply a medium that was added. I continue to work with graphite, and with acrylics.


Painting Details

Painting detail

Painting detail

Painting detail

~ ☉ ~

The following text was written by Christophe Bonnet, in response to the above (untitled) painting.

I assumed instantaneously that “Beneath the Ivory Tower” wasn’t the title for this artwork ; rather some words to introduce it. Because, a title has to have at least a minimal relation with what is painted – and there, no tower, no ivory, no ivory tower, no tower of ivory, no tory of ivorer, nothing such.

So I’ve just looked at it.
And yes, this is a particularly great painting. Very very pleasant! And the focuses on the details, giving the impression to BE in that landscape…

This is how I’ve made a first relation, though, with “Ivory Tower” : seeing these white-green paths on the soil : I’ve thought of the cracks on the Tower!

Then, I rapidly said to myself that you couldn’t really have given a title for a kind of random reason… (such as : “the view is a bit from above, and I’ve already painted something high called “The Ivory Tower”, so let’s present this one with “Beneath the Ivory Tower”).

And at that moment, all of the imagination related with this previous painting came back…. and I’ve suddenly realized how your present painting was the opposite.

I kind of understood why you’ve been led to find these words : Beneath the Ivory Tower. Unconsciously, consciously, however they were there.

In fact, the Tower symbolized strength, resistance, heroism, sufferings, disintegration with time… a glorious life, but a hard life too.

To be straight, solid, quite immobile, alone… can someone really live this way forever ?…

“Beneath the Ivory Tower”… there’s the opposite : everything is alive, in relation, in motion, with curves, inviting…

Everything flows, like a river.

As if the reward, for the brave Tower, was to, finally, live in such a paradise.

Because, “Beneath the Ivory Tower”, means that the Tower IS in that landscape.

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