Back then I was taking photos of anything I deemed beautiful.

Gazing into lush bushes, the variety of greens, wild individual shapes, all creating a harmonious grander picture, I was awakened from my entrancement with nature by a question.

You prefer clouds to a clear sky, don’t you?

Excuse me?
I was confused. I had been so focused on the wild nature around me, that I hadn’t noticed him approach me.

You prefer clouds, he said. It’s more dramatic, he added in a playfully exaggeratedly dramatic way.

For photographs, yes. 

I was so still confused. Why would anyone take photographs of just blue skies? I mean, ok, sure. Some. But the sky is so beautiful in so many different ways.

It’s not just photographs though. What is actually this “more dramatic” some people speak of?

Sometimes I like my music dramatic too. Sometimes minimalistic, other times playful, or something entirely different.

After all, life is all of it.

No need to compulsorily shut out any part. If you do that, you create a sort of sterilized environment. Important, if you need surgery, but a prison, if you stay in it for life.

There is beauty and harmony in diversity.

Photo by Sabina Nore
Photo: © Sabina Nore
Taken one warm, not overly dramatic July evening of 2017, in Istria.