How to have a Magical Conversation

A magical conversation. Sounds like something out of a fairytale.

Some scenes from life do indeed resemble scenes from  fairytales, and no, I don’t mean things like “…he took a pair of scissors and began to cut open the wolf’s belly.

Fairytales can be marvelous, magical, educational, or… absolutely horrid. In a way, it could be said of almost anything in life that it’s “like from a fairytale”, or “fairytale-like”. To compare something to a fairytale is therefore, realistically speaking,  meaningless.

Diversional musings aside, I am about to show you one of my drawings created during my last trip.

I am fond of this one, not for its “objective artistic value”, for I don’t have a clue what that would be. I like it because it makes me think of things I enjoy thinking of.

I wanted to name the drawing.
“Family” crossed my mind as a title, but that word is too often associated with bloodlines and such, and I don’t mean that. I mean the chosen ones. People we meet along the way, who become family, and remain that, regardless of life circumstances.

We choose our family.

Some of my family has been with me since childhood.  Others came along the way. Tomorrow, I may meet a person, a stranger, who will, eventually, become family. Everything is possible. We choose our family, just like we choose the life we want to live.

I am getting carried away again, with words. More diversional musings.
Here is the drawing:

A Magical Conversation
A Magical Conversation
How to have a Magical Conversation

A conversation between two people is a line. As beautiful, and as intimate as it can be, that’s not what this is about.

A magical conversation can only be had between at least three individuals. Then you get a triangle, or a rectangle (formed by four individuals), etc. This cannot be just any people, obviously, or else everyone would have magical conversations all the time. It requires individuals who are capable of creating a sort of canvas between them. A canvas, unto which things can be manifested, just like a painting manifests unto an actual canvas or other material.

In regards to any group effort, the participants are decisive. Choosing wisely is paramount for the success of any endeavor.

If you want to hike up a mountain, going with someone who gets tired and needs to rest after a 10 minute walk in the city park would be… limiting. There wouldn’t be much of a hike.

If you want to have a deep conversation in Japanese, you cannot have one with someone who only speaks Italian.  They may want to oblige, they may improvise and do their best, but, if they don’t speak any Japanese whatsoever, you are long ways away from having a deep conversation with them in that language.
It’s really just common sense. Nothing more, and nothing less.

The examples could go on and on, they are limitless.
In case you are wondering, no, I don’t speak any Japanese, and even my Italian is deeply insufficient for a deep conversation.

All of this reminded me of what I once, in an interview for Sailing on Dreams, explained regarding the Privileged Lovers painting. There, it’s different, as it addresses the love between two lovers. The magical conversation has nothing to do with such things. The only parallel is that, in both cases, the participants are essential.

How about an original artwork by Sabina Nore?

Framed drawing

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