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Fury Rising

The Furies Trilogy

A closer look at the Fury paintings & why that last one was needed.

Wabi-sabi of the Ivory Tower

Wabi-sabi of the Ivory Tower

A deep review and interpretation of the painting “Wabi Sabi of the Ivory Tower”.

Sabina Nore

Surreal, Metaphorical, Large

Completed in May 2013, this was one of the most intense journeys towards a painting.

The model and the painting (Vienna, July 2012)

Little Buddha

The model and the painting Vienna 2012.

Zoom Out! by Sabina Nore

Zoom Out!

Some thoughts that, though unrelated, reminded me of my painting Zoom Out!


It survived!

This one was so close to dying, but it made it, against all odds. And I didn’t make it easy for it.

Conjuring of Dreams

Conjuring of Dreams

Goals which are out of reach at the moment are sometimes referred to as dreams. Some take this word too literally.

Beneath the Ivory Tower

Beneath the Ivory Tower

A closer look at one of my larger paintings, incl. an interpretation.

Protector of Dreams -

Protector of Dreams

A drawing from a couple of years ago with a couple of dreamy, illuminating quotes…

Invisible Self-portrait

Sometimes I go on a journey, and sometimes I travel. What do I have to show for it? Many temporary invisible things.

Movie Recommendations: 101

There are movies which address things that are so important that one would hope them to be common knowledge, self-explanatory or a given, though that may not always be the case.

Photo by Sabina Nore


Gazing into lush bushes, the variety of greens, wild individual shapes, all creating a harmonious grander picture, I was awakened from my entrancement with nature by a question.

A Thought

The Painting That Opened a Door

In a way, “A Thought” reminds me of The Fool, the tarot card, though maybe not quite as hopeful yet. The timing was fitting, as The Fool marks the beginning of a journey, and, in a weird, bizarre way, so did this painting.


Reaching or Wherever I May Roam

I remember, “Ascension” was suggested as a title. Another title I had considered was “Wherever I may roam”.

Mama painting

Realms of Creation

There are different realms of creation, or different realms artists create from.

Painting detail

Outside of Time

Painting details, incl. a few seconds of a behind the curtain video.

Good Intentions

Good Intentions

“But it means well” could be the title for this quick little sketch I created years ago:

Painting detail

Rise – A Story of Madness

If I were to start talking about this painting, and the time in which I created it, you’d think me mad. You wouldn’t be entirely wrong. For about a month, I was completely mad.

Rorschach Test

Art as a Rorschach Test

Art doesn’t change. Whether a painting, or a book, a movie, or even a piece of music, once created, it is finished, and yet, that is when its journey begins.



Do you see all those little spheres, with all the individual accomplishments?



Individually speaking, here is a Solvar. One of the Adumbrations, accompanied by a surreal text.

Sabina Nore

Visual Relics I

While I am still working on the ninth Adumbration, here is a selection of some of my older works, Visual Relics I.



The finished painting with several large painting details.

Finished drawing by Sabina Nore

Processing the Journey

I have been drawing quite a lot on my last trip. Looking back at it, I was indubitably also processing some events that unfolded before my eyes.

How to have a Magical Conversation

A conversation between two people is a line. As beautiful, and as intimate as it can be, that’s not what this is about.

Painting detail


As ancient as it is, the mentioned project and its results are still not outdated, so it is an eternally important reminder.

Drawing by Sabina Nore

What Does This Mean?

Two drawings, some background music, and a book recommendation.

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