On Interpreting Art

I enjoy reading interpretations of my work. 

Let me make that perfectly clear before I continue, and keep that statement in mind while you are reading the forthcoming words.

The warmest of such experiences are those which make me feel like there is some sort of connection between me and the viewer, an understanding.

There are other instances, in which I found myself befuddled or perplexed, because I couldn’t possibly see how someone could see my artworks that way, but they do, and that is their prerogative.

Once, a man who looked at a selection of my paintings from 2012 – mind you, he never met me, or talked to me, he only knew that the artist behind those paintings is female – he said that the artist (me) clearly has lesbian tendencies.

This was obvious to him, because why else would a woman paint female characters in her artworks, and not male ones, as she should?!

An open and shut case. 🙂

"I Choose My Scars" (2012), Sabina Nore
I Choose My Scars, metaphorical self-portrait bs Sabina Nore

Someone has concluded based on my metaphorical self-portrait “I Choose My Scars” that I must be into sadomasochism, again “clearly”.
(Got to love those “clearlies”.)

The majority of the people, however, see it for what it is, a metaphorical portrait about choice in life. At my last exhibition, a woman was moved to tears in front of this particular piece.

I enjoy reading interpretation of my artworks. There are times, though, when I still can’t help but think of the following joke:

On Interpreting Art

Life is all about perspective, isn’t it?