Processing the Journey

I have been drawing quite a lot on my last trip. Looking back at it, I was indubitably also processing some events that unfolded before my eyes. There are different kinds of inspiration and drawing, or at least sketching, while traveling can be an interesting source.

Drawing while traveling

I didn’t have any eraser, and though I had multiple pencils with me, I used only one and the same.
This was the last drawing before my return and it was unfinished. This is how far I got:


Sometimes, there is a fork in the road, but one of the options is an obvious loop. Some like jumping through hoops and running in loops but, for me, I love the journey too much as to ever choose that path.

It is like many of my artworks, a drawing showing THE JOURNEY, and some of the many choices we encounter. I will probably continue working on it and finish it.

Addendum: I have added some more lines  and curves to the drawing. As such it will remain:

Finished drawing by Sabina Nore

Crossroads, painting by Sabina Nore.

Sabina Nore, next to her painting Reaching

My tiny painting from 2016, Crossroads (above), is a nice example of a painting with a similar theme.

The meaning and the feeling behind the above drawing and the above painting are obviously completely different.

Another artwork that comes to mind is Reaching or Wherever I May Roam.