I have decided to call this recent series of artworks Adumbrations.

Individually speaking, here is a Solvar.


On the grand scale, perhaps Sentakusha can do more.

The dispute between Martius and Ge has long-term soporific effects , and Druthers is having a blast in the midst of the entropy. Despite its adverse seeming potential, cyberspace has brought on additional inertia. Mostly due to the illusion of

  • vastness, associated with freedom, and
  • connectivity, associated with love.

Both powerful motivators , presented in form of a convenient, albeit obvious, illusion but providing enough sensory stimuli to be effective, and therefore cause voluntary captivity in the majority of recipients. Additionally, fiscal incentives have been presented in order to captivate those who wouldn’t be seduced by the aforementioned motivators.

It’s time for a transposition.

It crossed my mind that cyberspace may be the work of Sentakusha, in which case everything is already underway, but I have no definitive evidence. So far, I haven’t been able to find him.

As for the technicalities of the painting, this is the only Adumbration where someone else’s style has consciously influenced me. Specifically, the painting style of the face was inspired, and influenced, by the artworks of Greg Ruth

“Accomplishments” is the 6th piece from the Adumbrations series.