The Furies Trilogy

Divine Fury
Divine Fury by Sabina Nore

Divine Fury is the first painting from my Furies trilogy. It is a historical painting. It is about plots and events  which, although ancient, still affect our present day life. It is about  the capturing of that divine part of every woman, the attempt to tame  her and so eradicate the fury within.

Part 2: Fury Rising

The Fury, previously shut up and shut off, rises to remove some of the  most powerful sources of mass-delusion. Those that affect almost every  adult man or woman today, either directly or indirectly. Those that  attack when the pray is young and pour billions into brainwashing. They  misrepresent and depreciate the female body, they spread disinformation  about love and sexuality, and generally spread hogwash in regards to  what is supposed to matter in life.

Fury Rising
Fury Rising by Sabina Nore

Part 3: Furyless – The Golden Middle

We associate the word ‘fury’ with extreme anger or wrath, yet the  mythological Furies were goddesses of justice and not insanely wrathful  female creatures. At the core of the fury lies a need for balance and  harmony. The striving for the golden middle. Under such circumstances  the true Fury holds no grudge nor spite; she is then a blissful and just ruler with a mission fulfilled.

I painted the third of the furies only in order for the first two to not be taken out of context. Anything can be taken out of context, and interpreted at will, any time…  Let’s just say, in this particular case, it felt important to add this piece to the puzzle.

Visually and technically, it is the weakest of the three paintings. While that does still bother me, it obviously didn’t bug me enough to redo it.

Furyless - The Golden Middle
Furyless – The Golden Middle by Sabina Nore