The Golden Egg

The Golden Egg by Sabina Nore
The Golden Egg, 100 x 150 cm

This is one of my older paintings, done shortly after I returned to art, and long before I had any sort of presence on the internet. It used to hang in my apartment and studio in Vienna.

The Golden Egg

At first. almost anyone who came by and saw it in person expressed a desire to buy it. People seemed to be in awe, but I said it was not for sale.

Then, later, I made progress, by saying it could be bought, except I placed an astronomical price on it, therefore ensuring that the odds of it being sold were tiny. Whoever inquired about the piece, was disappointed they couldn’t afford it.

Years later, I wanted to sell it, and lowered the price, but it was not being shown anywhere. At this point, it was a rolled up canvas, offered only online, and, I suppose, that way it doesn’t make the same sort of impression as it does in person.

Or maybe its time has passed. Or maybe it hasn’t yet come. Who knows…

For me, it will always be an important painting.