The Painting That Opened a Door

This was one of the first paintings I painted on the Cintiq, towards the end of 2011. From a technical point of view, all kinds of things bother me about it, but that doesn’t matter at this point.

In a way, “A Thought” reminds me of The Fool, the tarot card, though maybe not quite as hopeful yet. The timing was fitting, as The Fool marks the beginning of a journey, and, in a weird, bizarre way, so did this painting.

I sold a giclée of A Thought almost immediately. The buyer asked me what the painting meant for me. I was indeed a fool, and answered the question truthfully, honestly, not holding anything back. I don’t think they were happy with my answer. (Read on below)

A Thought
A Thought (2011t by Sabina Nore


Some Painting Details

Painting detail

Painting detail

Painting detail

Not every step of the journey is a happy one.
Sometimes, life presents us with tests, pass or fail.

You pass and the journey goes on. Truly goes on.
A journey, a spiral. The river.

You fail, and you stay right where you are at.
A circle. A stale puddle.


People sometimes imagine punishment as a series of bizarre accidents, or something very conspicuous, but the choice of staying in place, figuratively speaking, and everything that comes with it, that’s punishment enough.

So this painting, as colorful as it is, shows all kinds of things. It’s not just a happy Thought…
Some things are hard.
Some things are meant to be hard.