What Does This Mean?

I’ve been hyper-creative these last weeks. There are some new drawings, I am working on a novel, and also on a painting! Today, I will show you a couple of drawings I did some weeks ago, before I immersed myself in the writing and the painting.

2 Drawings by Sabina Nore
2 drawings, July 2018, © Sabina Nore

Here is some background music, from which I have also borrowed the title for this post:

Hidden in the TV series “Westworld“, you’ll find a recommendation for a non-fictional book. Deep in that book, you will find a world. Depending on one’s current beliefs, inside that world, everything may fall apart, collapse, but also open up. What may initially be perceived as a harsh disillusionment, or a rude awakening, is in reality the precursor to the removal of all boundaries.

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