Zoom Out!

Zoom Out! by Sabina Nore
Zoom Out! (2016) by Sabina Nore

I wrote the below text in reply to a comment, in a discussion. It did neither refer to nor describe the above painting. There is a link between the two, that’s all.

Nature is everything. Whether it’s cruel or tender or magic, that is usually merely our judgment of it, and this judgment is based on our understanding and viewpoint at that particular moment.

I played a song I liked to a friend. He said, with a neutral, kind of bored voice, ” It didn’t kill me.”
That meant, he didn’t like it. When something truly left an impact, he would say, “It’s killing me”, and that was a good thing. He didn’t see a point in something that is merely pleasant or pleasing, it had to be more.

Someone once preached on the abstinence from sex, and referred to an ancient manuscript for confirmation. I don’t believe in only one right way in any regard, so, because I value the person who claimed this, I wanted to read that silly text. I read it, and it actually stated that the same stage of enlightenment (or whatever) could either be reached by abstinence or by extreme amounts of sex. And still, what a limiting view, to present either this or that as a solution, and nothing in between. A very human book.

Reinhold Messner said, action and meditation is the same thing.

There have been talks and plans to terraform the Sahara desert, seen s a useless, vast space, and turn it into a lush forest. However, the desert already has a purpose. Not just the obvious one, in the sense that it offers a habitat for a number of creatures, andwhatnot, but there is more.

Nowadays we know that the Sahara fertilizes the Amazon forest! Without it, that rich and lush forest wouldn’t be what it is. It needs the Sahara. So, our minuscule minds wanted to improve something, but everything is already in perfect harmony, we just didn’t know it before.

We know very little, and yet we often judge and act like gods.

Zoom Out!  is available as a fine art giclée on stretched canvas. It is a high quality, museum-grade print, hand-signed by the artist.