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Artist Painter Surrealist

Sabina Nore

Sabina Nore is an artist. She uses a variety of mediums to create.
She currently lives and works at the edge of the forest, in the Austrian countryside.

How do I translate an urge, one that has always been there, into words? I would much rather leave all conclusions to the observer. We could even go a step further. Invent my history, tell me why I paint, explain to me why I am doing this of the many things I know I could be doing instead. In all probability, all answers will have some truth in them, even if none of them will ever fully answer any of the questions. A lot of faith is put into words and data, things deemed as factual, certain, and important.
Art is beyond that.

Artistic Mediums

I use different mediums. Not in one artwork, for I rarely mix mediums. Instead, I travel among them. I consider this as important as the ability to explain anything in more than one way. The medium is spontaneously chosen, though far from irrelevant. If nothing else, it tells you something about the origin or the source of the piece.

And now....

If the above is not arty enough for you, try these. They ought to be perceived as infinitely more professional.


Artist Trivia Details

Sabina had a near-death experience at the age of one which close friends speculate to have given her 'an edge' in life.

She was on TV at the age of 10 performing a Spanish waltz on the classical guitar.

She is of noble ancestry on both sides of her family.

She is fluent in three languages: English, German and Serbian.

Sabina at the age of 5

She went from ballet classes straight to hockey classes, from the cliché feminine to the cliché masculine, excelling in each. She also learned jazz-dance.

Her favorite authors are Stefan Zweig and Leo Tolstoy.

Has two children, Lara and Christopher.

She was offered to play the main role in a children's TV-series when she was 5 years old, but she refused to cooperate and do what she was told.

Has never had a boss in her life.

Uses music when painting to accentuate a mood or to instill a particular energy.

Thinks it's ridicilous to write about oneself in third person.

Manifestations of Sabina

Manifestations of Sabina

Artworks of Sabina by many talented artists & illustrators

"Art is a mirror of society as well as a key to the spirit of the individual (painter)." ~ Sabina Nore

Evolution A visual sneak peek into a life


"Hungry intelects love surrealism." ~ Sabina Nore

Sabina Nore