Time Travel Photography

Snapshots from my adventures. Just for fun... for more information, see below.

Sabina with Yoda on Dagobah Marlon Brando and Sabina Nore Having fun with Salvador Dali Sabina Nore with James Dean
Sabina Nore with Salvador Dali Sabina Nore behind Mahatma Gandhi A quick ride with Steve McQueen Story time with Leo Tolstoy
Sabina Nore with James Dean Alfred Hitchcock and Sabina Nore Lara and me on the set of Lawrence of Arabia Sabina Nore with Salvador Dali

The sci-fi fairytale version

On the set of Spellbound

Around end of October 2013 I found myself in the middle of a time travel adventure. Time travel can be dangerous when you are not prepared for it, I got caught in a loop, but luckily made my way out of it. That is when the realization hit me… if I’m going to time travel, I might as well go to some more exciting places and times! That is when I got to meet Gandhi, Salvador Dali, Alfred Hitchcock, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Yoda, Leo Tolstoy and many others. I had photographs taken during these travels, so here are a few snapshots from my journey.

What really happened

Daydreaming resulted in inspiration, so I created a series of photo-manipulations combining photos of myself with photos of various interesting people. I didn't want to replace anyone in a photo (so these are not ‘face in a hole’ pictures...). Instead, I inserted myself completely into existing historical shots.


Sabina Nore