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I am at the court, to sign an affidavit, which is a written legal declaration. A court in a country outside of Europe. What follows is a dialogue between me and a lawyer, at this court...

– You are Christian?

– No.

– What is your religion?

– I have no religion.

The lawyer looks discombobulated...
– What do you mean? That is not possible.

– Of course it is possible.

– But… there is no option for that?

– What do you mean?

– Look here, if you are Christian, you swear an oath, if you are Hindu or Muslim, you give an affirmation.

– Just cross one, whichever you would like, it doesn’t matter to me.

– I cannot do that! (He looks at me as if I suggested that he should kill his dog. Then he calms down and continues.) How do you not have a religion?

– Ok, what if I was Buddhist? (Buddhism is not really a religion, but let’s see what he says.)

– Then it would probably be the second option, same as for Hindus and Muslims.

– Ok, then let’s roll with that. I am giving an affirmation.

– Yes. (He strikes through the words “swear an oath”)

He is shaking his head.
– I have never met anyone like that, I have never met anyone who doesn’t have a religion.

Sabina Nore
November 2014
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