Equilibrium Vernissage: Preparations

The Prelude to Equilibrium Preparations Arrivals Video
The Musketeers

The Musketeers

While some residents can't make it to the exhibit, there are those who travel from other countries across Europe, in order to be there on that day. The Musketeers, they've been called. 4 people from 3 different countries are headed to Vienna, independently from each other, only to be there for the opening of Equilibrium. Their impending arrival puts everything in perspective, changes everything, for me.

Gilles is taking a plane from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Azur is also coming by plane, from Strasbourg, France. Amra travels all night long by bus, from Belgrade, Serbia. Sandra is also coming from there, by car. The antedating of the event to 3pm means she won't be there in time. She is still coming.

Hurley says, The Numbers are Good

February 3rd 2017, she does a quick calculation: 3+2+2+0+1+7 = 15. 1 + 5 = 6.
Today is the vibration of the number 6, love, she says.
I smile.
Someone comments on the importance of success, rather than love.

"On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and all the other days, I'll gladly choose success as the primary focus but, for the opening day, love."


Moments before the opening

We are in the gallery. Amra is arranging the exhibition catalogs on the small table. My mother, who is in charge of the buffet. is doing the last preparations. The selection is exquisite:
☰ Blini with Mascarpone in 3 variations: anchovies and caper, caviar, or salmon.
☰ 7 assortments of wholegrain sandwiches, with different kinds of cheese, fish, adorned with olives, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes.
☰ Cornbread bites with cottage cheese, sliced zucchini and egg, with mozzarella and cherry tomato on top.
☰ 3 assortments of sweets: coconut, walnuts, and chocolate balls.

Kit and Lara

Prepared and arranged with lots of love, the buffet is truly delicious.

The gallery provides the wine, I also wanted to include mango and strawberry juice. They are among my favorites.

Everything is ready.

Kit is making the first guestbook entry. It's a drawing that stretches across several pages. Lara arrives.

Peter starts taking photographs and, with more than an hour left until the official opening, somehow it already begins. One thing is certain, namely that it would be an unusual opening, with non-synchronized, scattered arrivals during the afternoon.

I feel calm throughout as the sounds of Jupiter fill the room, NASA's recordings taken from Voyager I & II.